Flow to script

There is a possibility to transform/transcript a Homey Flow to the Homey Script?

In Short, NO.
HomeyScript’s are started from a Flow as Action or Condition. There is no way to start e Script by a trigger without a Flow. That makes it impossible to transfrom a complete Flow to a Script.

Just start playing with HomeyScript and you will get the Idea how to use it.

Sure. I can, gladly…
it would be great to have a “base” - samples how to interact with the device (get/set), how to scripts with parameters etc…
There is some list of samples of Homey scripts?

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There are many examples only not one list :wink:
here on the Community,
but also On the old Forum

and on GiHub

OK, thanx.
In such case is only missing thing the functioning HometScript App :slight_smile:
Already second day I get the message “Homey is not available”…

Just Log In again by clicking on your Login name in the upper right corner