HomeyScript's (lack of) Documentation

Good afternoon!
I’ve tried to search the forums for this, but I can only find people discussing certain features / functions of HomeyScript.

My question is basically - is there any good documentation on how to use HomeyScript (efficiently)?
I can only find this official resource, but it barely explains anything. I know that you can use portions of the Web API, but since it wasn’t made to be documentation of HomeyScript and there’s no way of telling which features on here are relevant or accessible inside of HomeyScript, it doesn’t really help me.

Cause what I’d like to see as documentation is the following:

  • How to use HomeyScript in general and how to use it efficiently
  • Detailed explanation of common tasks (like getting/setting tags, getting information on a device and updating devices, how to find out which features/variables a specific device uses)
  • Differences in stand-alone HomeyScript and HomeyScript used within Advanced Flows (like exporting / using tags)
  • What JavaScript features you can and cannot use (for example: Which ECMAScript version is it using? What global features do devs have access to? What native functions are restricted? Can you still access lodash (I believe at one point you could)?)
  • What timezone does it use? How to get the time of your system etc.

I’d really like to start using HomeyScript cause it can be a lot more efficient than having massive Advanced Flows that are difficult to debug if something goes wrong, but every time I try to use it I get frustrated by the fact I don’t know what I have access to and how to properly access it, or if I can even accomplish what I’m trying to do in HomeyScript. So I only use it for quick little things like Maths().