Homeyscript API docs?

Hi Ladies & gents

I started to explore the scripts capabilities of Homey
I’ve started by looking at scripts examples in the WEB interface and started to play with JS examples provided.

for example, I spoted a script to collect all devices registered to Homey and do something with them
I can see something like device.xxxxxx where xxxxxx is “id”, “name”,… or whatever
I wonder if there is a documentation somewhere describing scripting capabilities, list of objects, list of method that can be used with their parameters, outputs, errorlog,… all what a programmer can need

for example, linked to devices, I can see a “repair”, that I suspect to be a method to heal that particular device but I’m not sure. better ask to you guys before to break something.

And again, my request is more generic to all what we can do rather than this specific question on healing

Best regards a thanks for your help.

HomeyScript uses the Web API, which is documented here.

There’s also a HomeyScript reference document here.

One way of getting the object tree, is to start with the top object and get all its objects. And so on.