HomeyScript sharing

I am new to HomeyScript, and was wondering if there was already a library somewhere with various practical examples, so that I can learn from them when developing my own scripts.

My first script consists of syncing lyrics on the Ulanzi clock/display (using Awtrix 3) with playing a song on Spotify on Sonos speakers.
But I could use more experience and knowledge from others on this forum.

On this forum there is a very handy search function :smile:

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My goal is exchanging Homeyscript experiences without having a specific error or problem.
Just showing nice solutions made with Homeyscript.

Yes, I see wat you want, but this seems to be absent in this forum:

You can use the tag ‘homeyscript’: Topics tagged homeyscript

there I found: We need a "Homeyscript" category in the Community Forum - #8 by Dijker

In the OLD forum, there was: