DIY Smart Wall Switch

Some inspiration for those who are looking for similar solutions!

I was looking for an affordable solution to make some regular switches smart as they have become unnecessary in their original function due to the use of Philips Hue bulbs almost everywhere in my apartment.

The solution is actual quite easy but gives an very nice looking result. I opened up an Aqara Smart Switch (7,5 euro’s on Aliexpress), found out witch pins are making contact when you push the button and connected wires to these pins. I bought some nice looking Niko push button, connected the wires and it works like a charm.

My main goal is to make all the domotica stuff i have gathered together at the moment as autonomous as possible and there where there is an human interaction needed make them as easy as possible so i don’t need to explain them to guests for example.

To dot the i’s on this project i want to make some small icons on the switch which indicate their function, like a small curtain for the button which controls my oldskool curtain with the new Slide system.

Please share your thoughts on this! :smile:


Nice idea, maybe you can also explane wich contacts of the Aqara button your using. Would help others a lot.

Like a HOW TO…

Very nice, also interested as @RoyWissenburg asked. Which Niko button did you buy.

I bought some transparant adhensive printpaper. That way you are free as a little bird.
Like this

I carefully drilled a 5mm hole on the side where there is no logo, reset button or LED-light. I found out that’s the best side.

By removing the battery cap and the battery there some room to wiggle with a flat crew driver to open the case.

On the PCD you can either use the outer contacts on one side of the button to solder the wiring. It doesn’t matter which side.

After some trail and error i would advise to remove the plastic button from the case to prevent accidentally triggers by (other) wires in the electrical box. I also removed the small plastic reset button.

Don’t forget to link and test the button(s) before installing them in the wall :nerd_face:


I would love to do this with vinyl transfer stickers, but haven’t checked the pricing yet :sweat_smile:

Yes great idea! Have them in my wall for more then a year now and the battery is still 100% !

Nice! Haven’t seen that post before, but great minds think alike :rofl: