Distance sensor reporting on measured distance?

Hi folks

I am using Homey Pro 2023 to control my JYSK Huglo curtains (RF controlled).

This means Homey only knows the state of the curtains if every curtain interaction happens using Homey - where I am using dedicated curtain variables to know the state.

However, when someone uses the RF remote for the curtains, the state variables no longer match.

The remotes will not be replaced by buttons, so I need to figure out a way of using a sensor to measure whether the curtains are up or down.

A door/window sensor is one way to go, but what I am also wondering is, if there is an small ultrasonic/distance measuring device, which could be used to tell whether the curtain is up (and ideally by how much - by reporting the measured distance).

Do anyone here know of a sensor/device, which could be used to tell whether a curtain is up or down (and ideally by how much)?

What App are you using, does this App not receive signals from the used remote?

I am using Brel App for Homey | Homey.

No the app does not receive any signals (just tested it)… But as far as I understand it, Homey Pro 2023 does not have an IR/RF reciever function, which is why this new Homey is unable to learn signals like the old one.

It would be REALLY useful if Homey actually would register the signals from the RF remote in a manner so I could use it.

There is a Test version available for Brel:Brel | Homey

20 nov 2023
test Improved hub discovery process when many hubs/devices are present; expose battery level if available.

Try to pair your Remote, I think it can receive RF signals.

I just installed the test-version of the app and tried to pair a previously un-paired remote and it does not receive any signals from the remote.

Using the up/down/pause commands in the app works fine (as I have been using this up until now) in getting Homey to send out the RF signal to the curtains.

But now that I think about it, the app does register me pushing a button on the remote during pairing, so it definitely should be possible to get the RF signal to Homey.

Maybe you should contact the App developer for implementing received signals, succes.

I am not betting on it since it has been a long time since the last update, so would rather go for another fix. But thanks for the suggestion.

I guess what would be really awesome, is if would be possible to build your own Homey Pro 2023 on-device apps easily using a few building blocks.

Like in my case I can read out the RF signal to listen for using the Developer Tools. Now I just want an app that listens for this specific RF signal which I can use as a trigger/WHEN building block.

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Here’s a very complete how-to-build-my-own-rf-app:

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