Displaying the temperature on the screen

Hi there,

Does somebody know if it is possible to display a temperature on the screen of my mobile phone?
For example on a device (virtual device?)?


Best to use a weather app that supports your local town. I use transparent clock & weather for that. Very adjustable to your own need.


I understand you want to know the temperature measured from a device with temperature sensor.
Maybe you want to look at this topic, where a new app is in development that shows all current temperatures of all devices on one screen.

Furthermore, you can press and hold the device, and it will show the temperature for that device.


Your new app looks Great but in my case I just want to display one temperatur for visual check.

Any idea how to display it on the display? Maybe in a Virtual Device?


you can create a group of devices with temperature, and you can do average/highest/lowest etc.

use the group app for this:

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