How to display a Temperature value

Is there anybody that can advise me on the following issue:
I would like to present a value on a tile in one of the devices screens.
E.g a temperature which is generated by a Fibaro Smart implant.

You might consider a virtual device from the app with the same name. E.g. a virtual thermostat displays the value, which you can set form your source using flows. However, it does have controls that you dont need. You could override these to set the value back when someone tries to change it.


Hi Edwin,
Thank you for your fast reply and advice.
I managed do so and it is indeed a solution.
It is however not very Beautifull but it works.

Thank You

Hi Edwin,
I probably do something wrong, as one display works fine, however if I make a second or third one then those does not work.

Well, Homey is not fond of flows running too many times in short succession, and having many actions running every second is not something I would ever advise. Does the value that you use have triggers assoiciated to it? Normally it would me a flow triggerd by “value of … has changed”, not pure time based triggers.

I had it set at every 15 sec.
This was just to see if it work.
As mentioned the first one I made worked. nothing ever after

After change as per 1 example none of them work anymore :woozy_face:

Hi Edwin,
It suddenly started to work.
I had brought it back to a every 60 sec update and just made all temp displays.
After a while the were all updated.
So far so good and thank you for your advice

For me it does not work as in the picture.
I have tried vt sensor and vt heating but does not work. the temperature is only nicely set in the appliance itself, but not on the tile.

It is a VT thermostat, and I think it is the Set temperature shown, not the actual temperature, but I can’t check because it seems my Homey just died :frowning: :scream:

It does work for me, although I would have expect a universal display to be asigned instead of this solution as it is finding a way around