Displaying real time information in tiles


Is there a way to show real time information from certain deveices in a tile? Especially for temperature/light sensors this would be valuable.


I haven’t done anything in the Nefit app to enable showing the temperature. I guess that Athom decides which info to show for each device class.

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Or maybe only thermostats show this kind of information

Thanks! That kind of information would be useful in many cases. Dimming level, temperature, humidity, lux etc etc.

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Athom use some sort of Voodoo programming to determine what gets shown, based on both the devices class as well as its capabilities; for example a device which has a contact sensor when added to the ‘other’ device class will show nothing. But when added to a sensor device its shown in the tile.

Personally I think it would be great if the tiles defaulted to their current values, but a user could determine which (one) of the capabilities to show on the tile.



Yes this would be a great addition !

My multisensor 6 does not show anything in the tile also ( despite being classified as a sensor i suppose )

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Indeed , would be very nice if that would be made possible by athom, and also which capability should be shown in the timeline

Has been requested before, but taken of the radar https://github.com/athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues/issues/17

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This probably wouldn’t be too hard to implement. Make 6 different tiles with the capability to show 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 different values. In the config, select which value (which is available for flows already) to display. Wouldn’t even have to be for the device. It could be a special tile where you select a device (or maybe more) from the list of devices and then select one or more of the available values to display. Guess this might even be possible to make for a developer.

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Well, it’s possible in homeydash.com and I am not a developer, so… :wink:


For now, if you want create a tile which shows the temperature - you can use the group app to add a device which is made up of a single device with only the temperature.

Otherwise Athom have stated that they will keep an eye upon the ideas and suggestions forum, so perhaps a thread could be created?

Have you looked at Homeydash.com ?
Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

How can I do this in homeydash?

How do you set this up? My homeydash only displays what’s on my home page in homey.

Nevermind - long press changes what’s displayed :slight_smile:

When I try to add the HomeyDash app (both the stable and beta) it says it’s incompatible with my homey version (early 2019 edition, software version 2.1.2).

So that’s a dead end for me unfortunately?

I think you’re trying to install the old HomeyDash app from the app store, am I correct?

That’s not what we’re talking about here, we’re talking about homeydash.com.
See this topic: Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

Yes indeed, thanks for the links, I’ll check them out :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s a great idea !
I can’t understand why it’s not the case from the beginning : no widget or a tile without info isn’t useful.
The tile is empty, what a loss of space.

It would be great if developers could answer to this query.

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Athom have told us that ideas which are popular are more likely to be read by them, soooo I’ve created a thread in the ideas and suggestions forum.

If you like this idea, make sure you comment in the new thread and we will see if Athom reply.