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Reading sensor values

I am sure I am not the only one:

  1. It would be really nice to be able to read sensor values e.g. Temp without longpressing on the icon in the app… Directly on the “Devices” screen

  2. It would be reallyy nice to have the same possibility directly on the SmartPhone screen with an widget.


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My ThermoSmart tile is showing just that:

It would be nice to have a configuration option to show any kind of value in the tile. Like power produced in the solar panel tile…

Hi Gerard, many thanks your reply. What app do you use for the temp sensor?

It’s the default ThermoSmart tile. Since it is the main thermostat for the house, it measures the temperature and the ThermoSmart app tile is showing the target temperature. So, the logic for showing a value is there. It therefor seems not that hard to change the program to let us put a configurable value in any tile.


iam using a Danfoss Thermostat and I also can see the Temperatur.

regards Helle