Display that shows temperaturedata from Homey


I have a couple of temperature sensors that measure the temperature both inside and outside which saves the current temp to a variable within Homey. I’m looking for a hardware display that can show these values in real-time, I found a few that displays the temperature but all of them only works if you use the weather station which comes with it.

Is there any displays that can talk to Homey and display custom data?

Thanks in advance!

Maybe Homeydash.com is something

Or Homey.ink on a tablet/desktop - #745 by PetervdK

Or Homey Cornelisse Dash, een homey dashboard

Or you could build one yourself. Homeyduino display

I use Lametric. Yeah, one can say it’s overpriced but for me it does so much more than just a display or clock.

There is a Homey app for it, too.

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Hi @Wirex
I am currently developing a battery powered 3 color e-ink display for Homey that you can easily place anywhere in your home. You will be able to show and update any value from your Homey on the display. Does this match what you are looking for?

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Do you have code and layout for your project. Sound very interresting.

Hi Anders. Please see this article:

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