Display Outside Temp on Insight Chart

Ok I’m new, not familiair with programming.

I have a Homey Bridge, coupled it with a few aqaura temp sensors and besides my inhouse room temperature I would like to display the outside temparature (build in tag #temperature) on the Insight Charts as well.

I tried to make a flow as following:

  • When this flow is started (yes I know manual… how to make it update each min or each hour??)
  • Then Set Tempnr (defined number variable) to #temperature.

Test says: Invalid token value: homey:manager:weather|temperature. Expected: Number
So instead I tried to use text variable, and when running the flow it doesn’t give me an error… but it doesn’t show up in Insights… might be because those diagrams can only display numbers…

Long story short: How to show the current outside temperature (build in Homey) in the Insight charts?


Not shure, but this is a working example.
Homey cloud lacks an “Every …” trigger card, but starting the flow from within the flow with xx delay works similar

The used temperature tag/variable


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Big thanks I see this works!

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It still works :upside_down_face:

Assuming we are both located in CEST (for me NL) I see both our temps stopped updating around 15h. Is this a script limitation or is the Temperature variable from Homey not updated anymore, which could indicate a server problem?

NL also. I didn’t realize it stopped.
Yes I’ve the same issue. The flow wasn’t disabled, and the var was set to 14.1

After I hit the test button of the flow, it seems to start the graph brandnew

Also something odd, after hitting the test button, I get this error after 30s. The timeline notification gets written though…

So I tried something else
It looks like starting a flow from within a flow gets killed?
When I create a similar flow, and start flow B from flow A and v.v., it works (for now).

Note: it’s odd the temp stays on 14.1°C for the last 45 mins
Restarting Homey cloud solved the issue with the temperature value not being updated.