How to use this data in a flow (weather - temperature)?

i just updated to v2.0. I found homey Insights and noticed that there is a temperature dataset. (weer - temperatuur). However, in my flows I cannot find this dataset. How do I use this ‘temperatuur’ (temperature) in a flow?

good one :slight_smile: You can do a feature-request here:

edit: And of course what @caseda says…

as for what is possible right now, the information is available in tags, so if you make a flow like:

[IF] i come home [AND] Logic if lower then: (tag: temperature) -> 15 [THEN] set target temperature to 20 degrees

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I am able to enter this in the AND statement. But after a save the app goes back to the flow overview and nothing is saved… looks like a bug.

works for me, do you have “all flows” checked?

It has somehow saved it. I would say it did not refresh properly