Disable mesh - Fibaro Universal sensor


Is it possible to disable the mesh function on Fibaro Universal sensor in Homey with a raw command or something?

I don’t want other devices to communicate through those, but instead take another route in the mesh network.

It is impossible to disable the mesh function, but that is for every z-wave device, so not just your mentioned device.
You can’t alter the routing devices take either.

Ok, that’s too bad. Thank you anyways
Now I have to replace those to get full Z-wave Plus network.


To get full Z-wave plus compability.
Older regular Z-wave products with 300/400-chip is a bottleneck in the network communication.

And the Universal sensors is the only devices in my network that doesn’t have Z-wave plus.
And many of my devices routes through the Universal sensors.

Okay, in theory, but I’ve never heard of problems like this in years.

But problems cannot always be found and solved, maybe this is another way to solve problems.