Disable Guest account to interact with Honey presence or use USER instead of PERSON

I have a problem whit floes in Homey’s presence.
I have two floes:
When the last person left home, then lock the door and turn on the alarm.
And when the first person come home, then unlock the door and turn off the alarm
From the beginning I have two homey accounts on two different iPhones on two apple-id and everything worked fine.
Then I bought four more iPhones and added four more homey account and all these four homey accounts uses the same Apple-ID as one of my first iPhone
All the four new homey accounts are GUEST-account
The two old Homey-accounts are USER-account
So now I have six different homey accounts and six iPhones and five off these accounts use the same Apple-id
And now the geofence stopped working.
I don`t know what Homey presence is locking at.
I miss the function “Last USER” and “FIRST USER”, that would solve my problem. I want to stop the Guests account to interact whit Homey presence.
Or there is another way to solve this problem?
Can I configure a homey account not to interact whit Homey presence?

Best regards Peter

Go with the iPhone to ur Homey app and open settings/location.

That should do the trick.

Welcome back Peter,

Great description, first you can ignore everything you wrote about the Apple-ID,
Homey doesn’t know or use your Apple-ID.

Having 6 different Athom Accounts, one on each Mobile device is perfect.

Disabling (Automatic) Homey/Away detection above makes it uses manual switching between Home/Away and between Awake/Asleep in the Mobile App and/or in the Web-App
You can also set presence from Flows.

Disabling the Automatic still counts them toward the family members at home or away so to keep the “First person came Home” and “Last Person left Home” working as before the 4 extra accounts you need to set the 4 guests as Away.

To keep “The first person woke up” and “The last person went to sleep” working all guest need to be asleep.

For Conditions you need to figure out yourself the impact :wink:

Thank you very much.
Best Regards Peter

This can cause issues with location services. Apple assumes that users all have their own unique Apple ID. You now basically have 5 devices that, according to Apple, belong to one person.

I’m not sure why you’re using the same Apple ID on all those devices, but perhaps Apple’s Family Sharing (where each user has their own Apple ID but you can still share apps, services, etc) is good enough for your situation.

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Thank you very much Robert, laziness, I also suspected that was the case. I will create new Appleid, one for each iPhone.

One unique appleID for each iPhone did the trick, I have evaluated it for two days now, works every time.
Thanks, Peter

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Location bug?
IOS 15.2
Homey Pro (Early 2019) 7.2.1
Iphone 11 and Iphone SE 20

Homey app in IOS does not send Iphone location if not Homey app is running in background (minimized),when Homey app is killed no location information is sent.
Even if allowed access location is “always” in IOS Homey app settings.
I do think this has worked before.
Regards Peter

U can use the search function for that :grimacing:
Ios15 geo topic

And support.homey.app mentiones it