Disable/delay flow with another flow

Hi everybody,

English is not my first language, so i hope my explaination makes sense. I have a Sensibo Air and Sky that i use to change the temp and mode on my two ACs. I have created flows that simulates “climate react”, which sensibos term for “when temperature reaches this value, change to the ACs state/temp to…”. The flows adjust the AC to heating if its too cold, and to cooling if its too hot.

The flows work great, but my SO (somehow) always want to change the temp a little bit. This creates an issue where she wants one temp, but my flows adjust for here change in a very short period of time. What im looking for is a way that my flows are disabled/delayed when me or her changes the temp/state manually (using the sensibo units).

There are two cards i can use when creating this “delay/disabling flow: “the target temperature is changed” or " the thermostat mode is changed”. The issue now is that this new flow does not know if its the sensibo units or my previous flows that triggered the change. I have tried all the obvious alternatives in the flow meny, and i have tried a lot in advanced flows as well, but i think this might go over my head.

I really appreciate all the help a can get.