Dimming with Aeotec Wallmote Quad


Does anybody have experience with the Aeotec Wallmote Quad, and using the Dim Level ability. Or dimming lights. Because the swipe up or down funtctionality is kind of sketchy.

Sketchy as in, what is sketchy?
The quad has 4 dim quarters, you start with your finger on which quarter (button) you want to use, then “swipe” or rather move is a better word, the finger to the level you want, where the top = 100% and the bottom = 0% and the middle 50%.

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Ah, now I understand why I couldn’t figure it out…

I only know how it works because back when I was writing the driver for this device I came across this functionality by accident and needed to reverse engineer how it was working, it wasn’t used anywhere yet (other Z-Wave controllers), nor documented in the device’s manual (or engineering manual), and it using a rather weird way (compared to other Z-Wave devices) to implement it, made also me kind of confused how it worked initially. :stuck_out_tongue: