Aeotec nano dimmer remote control


I have a question about a aeotec nano dimmer and a remote.

In the garden i have a veranda with led lights it works with an aeotec nano dimmer.
Now we want to connect a remote also so other users can dim or set the light on/off also.

I prefer an z wave remote because i have everything z-wave, also it has to be an remote that when my homey is broken or something it still works with the nano dimmer.

Is there a solution for it, what are youre suggestions?

Thanks for youre time.

philio smart color button
NodOn Octan Remote

O forgot to say that it is single color. Sorry

The nodon octan can it also work when my homey is powered off?

Both devices are made to control single color.

Yes, you have to use associations.

Thank you very much, i go for the octan remote.

Thanks for youre time to help.