Do you know of a zwave / zigbee wall-plug which can also dim lights?

I’ve googled my **s off… But can’t find any wallplug which can also dim lights (instead of just switch on/off).
I found one (aeotec smart dimmer 6) but it is not for sale anymore.
Any tips are most welcome.

My setup: I have a floorlamp which now has a dimmer in the cable.
I want to remove the cable and connect the lamp directly to an electrical socket, so I can automate the lamp. But I also want to be able to dim the lamp.

In case you have another alternative also please feel free to let me know!

Yes, there are. Just Google on zwave wall plug dimmable and you will find some from Everspring and Somfy amongst others

If you don’t mind opening the socket up, you can use the well known Fibaro units or other similar Z-wave units. Recently there’s also a Zigbee unit available, made by Sunricher, sold under brand names such as Robbshop (there’s an app with this name) or iCasa.

Both of them seem to be out of stock as well on most NL websites. I’ll search a bit more worldwide later today.

I thought of this as well, but then I thought a wallplug will be faster and probably costs maybe 20 euro more… I guess. Probably not worth the hassle.

Is there perhaps also a consideration that a wallplug is less sustainable than e.g. a built in dimmer from Fibaro?
In terms of years of use? Or own power usage?

Not that I’m aware of. It’s mostly about aesthetics I’d say.


Vesternet sell TkBs that are dimmers for about €28 up to 300w incandescent that are zwave.

I have a couple, maybe just one, but no incandescent lights and most of my bulbs are Hue so don’t use it anymore.