Looking for dimming power plug

I’m looking for a EU power plug, able to dimmer a lamp - WITHOUT any cord cutting or screws.
I have found a few on Amazon, eg. a Treatlife, but unfortunately not for EU plugs.

Have a nice day out there.

Aeotec once had the Smart Dimmer 6 plug (Z-Wave, supported by the Homey Aeotec app) for dimming lamps, but it’s “End of Life”. Maybe you can still buy a used one.

Klik Aan Klik Uit / Trust had some that are supported by Homey.
Uses 433MHz though, but they’re at least cheap… :wink:

I haven the best results with the ecodim powerplug, Zigbee protocol. Dimming also low power ledlights.
Secondly the klikaanklikuit dimmer, but this had the limitations of one wat communication

Thanx a lot for the responces - such a nice community.
There is not very many dimmer plugs out there - I make some more research, and probably end up with a messy “dimmer 2 relay” composition of some art.

Thanx and have a nice day.

You have the Nexa AD-147. (Branded Everspring) that can be used with the Everspring app.

I use a plug that is dimmable from Everspring.
Bought it at 123led.com.
Not cheap, works good.