Dim switch for already dimmable LED


I have already dimmable LED and non dimmable LED with their relais in the central wall box of my flat. Each set of LED has a transformator on the ceiling.

Can I use dimmable light switches for (all) of them? And yes which one? I also have double light switches and some LED can be turned off/on from different switches. What do I need from qubino, fibaro etc?

U wanna dim non-dimmable leds? Not gonna work.
For the dimmable leds u can use a Fibaro Dimmer f.e.

Thank you for your answer!

Well I guess I should be more precise the LED are all the same. But some have a relais in the wall box which is dimmable and some not. My electrican back then asked me to choose I want dimmable and where it’s not necessary. Not sure if he asked me to save money or for technical limitations (wall box etc).
All LED should be the same GU5,3 lights.

For the already dimmable: So haveing two dimmable relais in line causes no problem?

Dimming a dimmer with a dimmer is not fun me guess.

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OK, I guess I need sth like this I guess:


for the wall Box

Or replace your dimmer with the:

But don’t place a domotica dimmer before or after a conventional dimmer!

Thx but then I still need to replace my relay in my wall box I guess