Dim light via Fibaro Dimmer 2 with Aqara Double Switch

I have a Fibaro Dimmer 2 and a Aqara Double Switch.

But how can I make a flow where I dim the light when I hold the press on one of the switches?
So far I used to “Set relative dim” by 12 %.
So when I turn on the lights, the dim is at a minimum, and if I press the button once it’s increasing by 12 % at a time.

Isn’t it possible to make a flow where I keep the pressure on the button and then the dimming starts and ends when I release?

I use a “normal” two flipper “pulse” switch to achieve that. Flipper one directly controls the light; single click = on/of, click and hold = dim up/down, double click = max brightness. The second switch is just for triggering anything (flows) with Homey.

The benefit of that set-up is that it always works for switching the light, even if Homey is not functioning properly.

How does you flow look like, for the “click and hold”-flow? Which parameters do you use?
Or even better - can you upload a few screenshots of the dimming-flows?

Dimming is not part a flow, but part of the standard functionality of the Fibaro dimmer.

Press and hold the “active” switch for dimming up and release and press again for dimming down.

From the Fibaro Manual:
Controlling the Dimmer 2 using a switch:
Momentary switch (after releasing the switch a spring automatically
pushes back and disconnects the switch):
• Turning the light ON/OFF: change the position of switch no. 1. The
Dimmer 2 will be activated always at previously set brightness
• Brightening/dimming the light: hold switch no. 1 down. When the
switch is held down, the Dimmer 2 will always reach the extreme
value of 1% or 99%,
• Turning the light ON completely: fast double-click switch no. 1.
The Dimmer 2 will set the load at 99%.

Ah, alright, I misunderstood then.

When I’m looking for is how to configure a flow, when press+hold starts the dimming on the Fibaro2 using a Aqara Double Switch, and stop when I release.

There is no wired connection between the switch and Fibaro.

Which triggers are available in the if part?

I think it’s not possible with the Aqara switch, because it doesn’t continuously emits events while pressed, but only after the button is being pressed and released.

I agree!

As a remote for a Z-Wave Modul like the Dimmer, I can recommend the Philio Smart Button and using Associations