Aqara Button + Fibaro RGBW help


I got a few Aqara buttons a few days ago and first I wonder how many actions should it have? I only get 1x, 2x, held down, released and shaken. I though there would be at least 4x presses available :frowning:

I’m trying to get these buttons to work with my fibaro rgbw controller. I hooked up a white led strip to one of them, and trying to do this:

1x - toggle on/off
Held down - start changing brightness up and down
Released - stop changing brightness

Anyone has any idea on how I can accomplish this?

Ofcourse you did look at the aqara/xiaomi topic!!! RIGHT???

What did you already tried???

I don’t know the possibilities/actions of the Fibaro RGBW module, but I guess you can set the relative dimming level, right?

If so, try the following flow:

A scene was activated -> Held Down
Set relative dimming level to 10 %, duration 1 s

With a Philips Hue Dimmer Switch and a Philips Hue LightStrip this works perfectly (without Hue Bridge!).

I tried doing that last night, but all I managed to accomplish was when I hold down the button, it dims or brightens the strip by the amount of % I set. So I have to constantly hold down, then brightness changes, then let go, then hold again etc in order to reach the brightness I need. I was hoping to just hold it down and have brightness increase until max level for example.

And where do you find duration option?

Hm, maybe the Philips Hue dimmer switch behaves differently than the Aqara Mini Switch.

The duration is an option in the setting „Set relative dimming level to x %“ of the Hue Light Strip, see screenshot. I don’t know if the Fibaro RGBW controller have this option.

Fibaro only has a delay option, no duration

Probably the main difference is that the Philips Dimmer Switch sends a signal repeatedly when held down. At least the LED flashes again and again.

Maybe you can achieve it with the app called ‘Transitions’?

I downloaded the app, but can’t really figure out how to set it up :sweat_smile:
Could you give me an example flow? For some reason no matter what parameters I put in with the transition card, nothing happens

I don’t use it so I’m not really sure how to set up your flows. Maybe ask that in the corresponding forum post from the app?

I don’t see how it’s going to work with Transitions anyway.

For the requested feature to work, Homey would require an action card that would trigger repeatedly (as long as the button is pressed) with some sort of time code containing how long it has been pressed, and AFAIK something like that doesn’t exist.

Thinking about it some more, it might work, provided that the button has “button press started” and “button press ended” actions and there’s an app that can emit periodic actions (like every 5 seconds); perhaps the Chronograph app can do this, I don’t know.

Anyway, a flow setup would look like this:

  • “Button press started”: start a timer that emits an action every 5 seconds (see the second flow)
  • “Button press ended”: stop the timer

The second flow would be triggered every 5 seconds and would use Logic to increase/decrease the dim level by a fixed step.

Oh well.

Does anyone know if there exists some sort of z-wave wireless dimmer maybe that I can use for what I’m trying to achieve?

Whats this? I can’t read that haha

Press 1 time
Press 2 times
Press and hold

Just what u are looking for!
Press and release is per button. There is 8 buttons.

Will it be able to dim the rgbw controller the way I want to though? Because judging by the way the flows are made, it’s not possible… Maybe making an association can work?

Sorry, I’m still fairly new to all of this, having hard time figuring out what can and cannot be done.
Ultimately what I’m trying to achieve is - I have a kitchen island and its hood has a white led strip built in, I installed rgbw controller on it and just want to turn it on/off and dim it with a separate switch/button. Thats why I bought Aqara button, so I can just stick it under tabletop for easy acceess.

Take a look on the Aeotec Wallmote. It’s a Z-Wave remote switch. Using association you can control you Fibaro RGBW Controler very comfortable without any Flows.

Will do, thanks!
Is it possible to have it dim rgbw controller? Maybe you have tried that yourself. I just don’t want to buy something that won’t work :slight_smile: I can always find a use for aqara buttons and they are cheap

I have both a Wallmote and Fibaro RGBW Controller.
I will test it the next days and will give you a feedback.

Now that we have already started with hardware recommendations, you might want to try the dimmer from Ikea.
I can’t say if it works in combination with the Fibaro RGBW module, but it only costs about 6-7 Euro.
The dimmer is supported with the test version of the app (without bridge).