Aqara Button + Fibaro RGBW help

That would be fantastic, thank you so much.

I tested it with Aeotec Wallmote Quad and Fibaro RGBW Controller FGRGBWM-441

Using the Association you have following possibilities.

  • Button 1 Association Group 3 (dimming control) -> RGBW Controller (instance 1) all Chanels together
  • Button 2 Association Group 5 (dimming control) -> RGBW Controller (instance 2) R channel
  • Button 3 Association Group 7 (dimming control) -> RGBW Controller (instance 3) G channel
  • Button 4 Association Group 9 (dimming control) -> RGBW Controller (instance 4) B channel
  • Button x Association Group x (dimming control) -> RGBW Controller (instance 5) W channel

So, you can control all channel together or each channel separately.

Press the Button you can switch the RGBW/Chanel on and off
Slide down -> decrease the dimm level
Slide up -> increase the dimm level

Alternativ to the Wallmote you can also use the Philio Smart Color Button. (only 1 Button)

Thanks! I don’t use association though. Does brightness adjust gradually? Or you have to swipe every time to dim it to certain percentage?