Start/Stop dim level change - what‘s it for?

I‘m trying to control the duration for dimming my z-wave dimmers (Fibaro) when creating a Flow. Strangely there‘s no duration parameter when setting a dim level. Now I‘m wondering what the „Start / Stop dim level“ actions are for, which have a duration parameter. I couldn‘t figure out how to use these actions in a Flow. Any thoughts?



What you are still missing?

Are these used in combinatio with another card to work? I think I need an example since by themselves these don‘t do anything.

These are for example used in combination with a remote button; to link pressing of a button / key to the dim level of a dimmer, with direct response of the dimmer:
Flow 1: Trigger card: key held -> start dim level change (the brightness of the dimmer will increase or decrease (depending on the starting dim level) slowly)
Flow 2: Trigger card: key released -> stop dim level change (the brightness of the dimmer will stop increasing / decreasing)

In contrast to a different and more complex approach that would require to update the dim level with x% for every second that a button is being held.

Hi Ted,

I am using a Hue button to control some INNR GU10 bulbs.

My flow is really simple
When dim up long press
Then start dim level change increase dim level with 20%.

I then assume that the dim level will keep going up until it reaches 100% as I have no stop dim level change in any flow.

But it doesn’t it only seems to go to 50%.

Have I misunderstood the usage here or is there a problem with Philips hue button or Innr integration?