Different behaviour in test and real usage

I build an advanced flow for my showering rituals. It has been working very well, upon till the moment I upgraded to HP23 and I had to rebuild my zigged network.

Start showering: When Button is clicked, check if I am already showering (variable set by this flow) and if not. switch on Sonos, Mirror, record watermeter on start and initiate Ventilation.
After showering: I click button again (or after 30 minutes) and then I get a message how much water is used, music switched off, data written to google.

The strange thing is that in the Flow builder the flow runs as desired BUT in practice the flow runs different. A button press results in both situations are executed (start shower and stop shower).

Ironed out these issues
Button is only used in this flow (checked on device),
Button is not accidentaly fired twice (checked in Xiaomi app)
No flow dependencies triggering other flows.

Flow overview:

If I have understood the problem correctly, the shower starts and stops again immediately, right?

There seems to be a problem with the boolean variable Er Wordt Gedouched? So maybe the Yes and No output are triggered both in parallel?

Instead of all the other Flow Cards, add just 2 Timeline Notification Cards to the Yes and No output of the first Logica Flow Card and check it again.

I know that sounds crazy and not really possible, but I have also noticed strange things with self-created variables (see topic, just in German language). After I completely rebuild the flow, the problem was gone.

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Thanks @DirkG and sorry for late response (holiday)… but indeed there is something wrong with the boolean variable. I followed your instruction and it is indeed firing both yes and no at the same time AND twice… So I rebuild the full advanced flow, and created a new Boolean variable “v2” … and this is what happens:

In the bottom of the screenshot (07:57):
I start showering and twice fired the timeline log card with the watermeter and both yes no log card fired.

So rebuilding did not solve the issue, any suggestions doing this differently?

Can you tap on the two timeline messages with your finger? Then the seconds will also be shown. Just to make sure if these messages were sent in parallel, or if one message was sent with a delay of some seconds.

and I think that matches the expectations, see new flow build:

I tried to reproduce your flow, but it works like it should.

To start the flow, I used an extra flow for the reason, that the main flow is not simulated:

What happens if you simulate/test the flow? Right mouse klick on the flow card of the Klik device → test from here.

That is my “frustration” in the testing it works as desired, but in real not.
The error must be in the Aqara button to the Boolean variable… Because when I start the flow from the app it also does function… Will try to add “Any” in between… Odd… in the Aqara device and App I do not see that the button is firing twice… Or I add a flow which kick-off this flow… Some things to play with this weekend…

Any suggestions for adding family members (I have two buttons and can press double, single or long)

Someone reported a similar problem on Slack, but he didn’t post his flow. So we don’t know for sure what the problem is. Are you on Slack?

This could be a solution, but just a workaround.

It can be done like this way, but in my opinion it’s sometimes difficult to remember all the functions behind a double or long press. Especially if the family is not interested in SmartHome and such solutions. My recommendation would be to use a multi-button switch, e.g. Aqara Opple Wireless Remote Switch with 2, 4 or 6 buttons, and to label the buttons. And then only use a single click for the family.

Yes I am on athomcommunity.slack.com can find me as Wout… For the trigger part double or single click there is an incentive :slight_smile: for the setup (because one flow should stop another flow) I am more trying to get my head around…

Now figured it out, it is a bug in the Xiaomi app I guess… Whatever device I link it is firing twice… Happily switched back to Aqara app…

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