Dialogue window

from today, everytime when I go to a device or an app on my mobile app and hit back, I get dialogue window:
“Are you sure you want to quit?
This will abort the setup process.”

I tried to restart apps, the Homey, but no success.

Any idea what went wr9ng and how to turn it off?

No clue.

Here only something similar happens when I go to the settings of a device, and use "Maintenance → “Try to repair” (which is only available for certain apps).
The dev used that option to create an advanced setup menu, and when I don’t use the back arrows in the setup screen, but I use my phones back button instead, it results in the same popup you showed:

Which ends the Maintenance by either using OK or Cancel :roll_eyes:

Update: I cleared the Homey mobile app cache, which did not work. I reinstalled the app completely, which came with upgrade - I had v7.5.0, reinstalled to v7.5.2. After installation, the dialogue is gone.

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