Device to add output connectors of a hail-warning box to Homey Pro

The Swiss Building Insurance group offers a service to receive an alert/signal in case a hail storm is coming to initiate the opening of all window and sun blinds (if they are motorized of course :wink: ). I have integrate my Somfy RTS Blinds via the Somfy App and that works fine. What I now need is a device that will trigger an alert over Zigbee or Z-Wave when an input switch is closed (or opened). Optimal this input switch should be potential-free contact. If not, I have to put a relais inbetween. Anybody an idea what device I could use?

You can easily build a binary switch yourself from a Neo Coolcam window contact.
Simply solder on two cables. As soon as the contact is closed, it sounds the alarm.


Please read this (in Geman language):

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Das Teil ist momentan schlecht lieferbar :frowning: - Ist es eventuell baugleich oder ähnlich mit dem «Cyrus Fenster- und Türkontakt Z-Wave»?



Das weiß ich nicht genau. Eigentlich funktioniert das mit jedem Tür/ Fensterkontakt, der mit Homey kompatibel ist. Ich habe den Neo vorgeschlagen, weil er günstig ist.

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Another option would be the Smart Implant from Fibaro. Because it requires a power supply, it is also a Z-Wave repeater at the same time.