Lightbarrier (lichtsluis) sensor with zwave or zigbee

Does anybody know whether a lightbarrier (or in Dutch : lichtsluis) sensor exists?

I want to use it to detect whether someone enters my yard. Currently I’m using a motion detector but this also triggers when a cat is entering my yard, and unfortunately there are many cars around here.

Neo Colcam door/window Sensor:

It works:

So you used a neo window sensor and modified it to work with an of the shelf lightbarrier sensor. Do I understand that correctly?

Hi Frank,
yes, i use the Neo as a binary sensor. You can also use a Fibaro Gen 1.
Here you can see it in more detail:

Using a door-/windowsensor as a binary device is a great idea!
I use a Aqara door-/windowsensor for detecting whether my doorbell has been rang for instance.
The Aqara’s are reliable, very small and cheap (see AliExpress).

But in theory you could use any door-/windowsensor as long as it has coverage at the place where you want to use it. Some soldering experience (and iron) might be helpfull, as the contacts to use might be very tiny.

Furthermore it might be helpful if you can invert the function of the sensor. As sometimes the state has to be “normally open” instead of “ normally closed”.