Making a PIR (Fibaro) sensor work through glass

So, i feel a little stupid…
I recently bought a second Fibaro MutiSensor (FGMS-001) to make my porch light smart.
It didn’t feel smart to place it outside, because it can be stolen very easily, but also because of the weather (cold, rain).
So i placed it directly after the glass window in the front door… and… that doesn’t work :cry:

Is this logical? Is there a way (or sensor) which is able to sense through glass?

The Fibaro will not work through glass.
No way.

Not just limited to fibaro, all IR motion sensor (a.k.a. PIR, what 95% of the sensors are, 100% for z-wave and zigbee) will not work through glass.
Glass, especially the newer ones, are specially designed to stop most, if not all, InfraRed. (also what makes the sun’s rays warm)
So your motion sensor will only see 1 big black image.

Any other suggestions?
Installing my expensive Fibaro outdoors seems like a wrong idea :wink:
If no Zwave of Zigbee will do the job, how can i fix this “problem”?

well, there are z-wave outside motion sensors (from philio and steinel) or have seen some people just tape over the edge, and apparently that made them “water proof” enough if it is placed a bit protected from the elements

I’m using a cheap Neo coolcam sensor outdoors. Or maybe something like this will work for you?

Or this Philips outdoor motion sensor.

Cheap is relative, and it’s right at the front door, next to a semi-crowded sidewalk.
Still a pitty when it gets stolen, even if it’s €25

I saw the Fibaro wallmount, but officially it’s not for outside use, and it’s still a matter of simply picking it out (not permanent mounted). I’m a bit scared :wink:

Sounds more sturdy, permanently mounted… But does it work with Homey? Robbshop doesn’t tell that, it only states it doesn’t use Zwave…

Look in de homey app store and see in the philips hue app that the outdoor sensor is in the app.

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You can buy sensor for 10USD (Aqara) and they work very well.