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Device replacement feature

Perhaps this exists already but I did not find it…
I have 5-6 wifi plus that I want to replace with innr zigbee plugs… but it’s kind of time consuming to manually add and replace the device in all flows and so on…

It would be great if I could just swap out a device for another one… (and still keep the old device in homey)

The way Homey works internally would make this pretty difficult.

However, with a bit of careful flow planning, you could make swapping out devices a bit easier. For instance, instead of having lots of different flows that turn on/off a particular device directly, you can create two separate flows for the particular device (ON and OFF) and start that flow from the other flows.

So instead of this:

  • Flow “Turn off A when something happens”:
    • IF something happens
    • THEN turn off device A

To this:

  • Flow “Turn off device A”:
    • IF this flow is started
    • THEN turn off device A
  • Flow “Turn off A when something happens”:
    • IF something happens
    • THEN start flow “Turn off device A”

That way, when you make changes to your devices, you only have to change the flows that directly modify the device state.

Also, trigger from the Devices-cards (eg lamps or sensors in a specific zone, all smoke alarms and so on), use the group-app, use the different Date/time cards to trigger at specific times or like every 15 mins for temperature sensors, and use the Logic app to control which zones.

When doing like that I can just move a wall plug to the ‘christmas lights’ zone and then it’s included in those Flows, add one extra temperature sensor, include another contact sensor and so on.

I already have that structure where I trigger flows using flows… but still… in a year or so… there will be more devices and more flows… and in time I will most likely forget the setup :wink:

Hi Robert, thanks for your advice to make it easier to swap devices.
I’ve implemented it for all my devices now, but not yet for the Fibaro smoke sensors.

Do you have an idea for the smoke sensors too? “Start a flow” doesn’t work for sensors.

For Sensors you can uses VD. And using the VD in flows instead of the real device. In case of device replacement you only need adjust 2 flows.

hallo, I need to replace 10 pieces shelly 1PM to shelly 1. exist some feature to help with this? It is lot of work. thank you