How to add existing flow to a device?

Is not it possible to add a flow to a device from the list of already existing flows? The only option I see when adding flow to a device is to create/recreate a flow. But what if we want to add the same flow (created for another device) to different devices at the same time? Thx.

You mean duplicate? Because that is available, you just need to switch up te devices you want. Flows stays the same.

Or isnt that what you mean?

Hi Neils.
Thank you for the reply.

Here is the case: I am adding new device ( motion sensor) and want to add already existing flow (from the list of flows), the one that is already assigned to another motion sensor. but i can only recreate flow again (when, and, then conditions).for this new device (do not see option to choose from existing flows).
I’ve tried flow duplication, but it duplicates the flow and do not know how to assign it to a new device (how to switch devices).

When you replace a device with a similar one, you can replace it in your flows with this neat script:

Hint: When you use zone activity in your flows, instead of the sensor flowcards, you can change, add, remove sensors without having to repair your flows.
Motion- and contact sensors can activate zones.

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I think you have your thinking back to front. Flows aren’t added to devices, devices are added to Flows.
So if you want an identical set of actions to occur for a different device, you need to create a flow that references the new device.
As already mentioned, you can duplicate a Flow and then replace any cards that reference the old device with the same action on the new device.

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Yeah, it seems little misunderstanding here…
For asked question the answers are given above - to copy a flow and change the device OR just change the device in current flow.

But what i want to add, is a little bit overall logic :wink: The devices are in flows in a specific (but not strongly determined) places. They may be a “when-”, “and-” or “then-” -devices. So, if You want to “add a flow to device”, then anyway You must specify which of the devices in the flow. Ok, in other automation systems there may be also “device actions” - things to do when device for example changes. But this is a strongly fixed subset where device is always the “when-device”, and there the actions “script” can be assigned to device.

PS. If You have exactly similar things to do when two or more devices “happen”, then i personally recommend You to look at the advanced flows. There You can add both of Your motion sensors as a “when” devices and keep the following logic in one place instead of multiple ( of course, if the following logic is same for both/all triggered sensors :wink: )

Well, actually, you can!

Use the App Device Capabilitities.
In the App settings, you can export (advanced) flows.
Then press create TEF.
Then click on import and Read.

Now you will get a list of devices, select the new device from the dropdown/list shown for the old device.
Then press Update script and run that script in the dev (follow instructions).

Now you will have a duplicate from the flow in your root folder, with all old devices (and tags) replaced with the new devices.

I use this to copy flows for all rooms that have the same setup (kids rooms).

Works great!

See here, i have documented everything well enough at all these links:
General link:
The Flow Exchange(r) - Exchange Your Flows with Others! - Flows - Homey Community Forum

More specific import link, and specificly what you need:

And as states:
This can also be used to copy/paste flows on your own Homey, and change devices, users, etc., in very fast way!


The Flow Exchange(r) already works great for exporting en import between users, but using it only local, in my experience, works perfectly!

Thank you everyone for your kind support.

I’m new to Homey, so I maybe did not understand the flow/device binding at first. But now, thanks to you all, I think everything is clear to me. For switching flows for one or two devices maybe it’s better to go through the duplication process and replace the device in the WHEN condition.
The Device Capabilities application also seems worth a try.
Appreciate all your help.

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Good luck, the community is there to help too.

With all the tips you received you should be able to do exactly what you want to do with the flows and devices.

Maybe not adding devices to Flows, just add them to Zones

1 or more Motion Sensors can make the Hallway active,
1 or more Door Sensors (Contact Alarms) make the Hallway active,
And add one or moet Ligths of Sockets with “Light Pluged in” as type
One Flow for on, one for Off…

Ready… Never change this flow again, just add Lights, and sensor to Homey to a zone.
in Share a Flow you can’t see the Zones:

See here: