Device Icons

How I can change the device icon?
For example The Fibaro door/windows sensor.
I would like have an icon for door/window is open and one for close.
Because the tamper Alarm can not be cancelled I can not see if door is open or close. I have to make a long press on device to open the detail screen to see it?!


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You can’t unfortunately.

That are very bad news!
I have used many different smart home gateways in the past.
Actually, I am moving my devices from homee to homey.
All the gateways I used have the feature to change the device icons.

Do you know, if this feature is planned?


I don’t know since I’m just a user ;). You can send an email to with the feature request. I guess

maybe with a future dashboard app.

Ok, the feature is not available yet. Hopefully that will come in the near future!
I am pretty sure, that I am not the only one who is missing that kind of basic functionality.
But how I can reset the tamper alarm from the Fibaro door sensor!?

Ok, thanks!
Is there somewhere on overview about already existing feature requests?
Or how will be the feature requests managed by Athom?

You could try the group app (single device) in order to create the device with out the tamper alarm and with a different icon. There isn’t currently an icon for “door” “window” on contact alarms - but perhaps if you nicely contact the developer it could be added.

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in advanced settings

actually you can by creating a variable that updates to true when the door opens and false when it shuts and then create a flow to the variable

Please show me where?!
Maybe a screenshot, please?!

As far as I am aware it is not possible to change the icon after the device has been paired.

Maybe you can use Virtual Device