Device and App relation

Is there a way to find out which App a specific device is related to?
Or even better, is there a way to see all the installed App’s and there associated devices?

Thanks to Adrian_Rockall, I have now installed the HCS (Homey Community Store) App which is able to show me all installed App’s.
This is nice info, and if I at the same time could see my associated devices that would be GREAT info.

Thanx Adrian for pointing me to HCS.


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If you have a Homey Pro then you can see all the apps you have installed in the phone app via More > Apps. Then when you select an app you see all the devices that are using that app. Is that what you mean or have I misunderstood what you want?

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Hi Kurt,

The only way I can think of is via
Enter (part of) the device name and there you go.
The corresponding app is mentioned as “Driver”, and the last part, ‘’ in my example, is the name of the app

No Adrian, that is exactly what I ment, and I use that method to clean up my app’s ones in a while.
But I thought that it also could be done on PC.

Thanx Peter for pointing me to the developer tool.