Same device on two app's (on 2 different Homey's)

Does anyone know if it is possible to have the same Device on 2 different apps running on 2 Homey’s. It doesn’t seem to be working. The reason I do this is because I bought a new Homey and modernizes an app and testing it on the new Homey. The old Homey is still running the old app so everything works in the home.

Depends on the device.
Wifi devices could work, but zigbee or zwave can (afaik) only be connected to 1 controller.
You could use the Homesh apps to connect the 2 homeys.

It’s a WiFi (Wiz Connected Bulb). It looks like Homey can’t find the device. Thanks for the answer, I get to research further.

Wifi usually works through an API and can be conndcted to multiple devices/homeys.

I see that I can send commands via the API, but detect device doesn’t seem to work.