Developing own Zigbee device


I have been developing a few of my own Zigbee devices for monitoring stuff around my house. So far I have used the Lilygo T-Zigbee devices, but they seem to have very poor support and not a very active user community.

I am looking at changing to something else - like perhaps the Tuya modules.

Does anybody else have some experience in doing this - and if so what modules would you recommend? I use MacOS as my development platform, but can also use Linux. I don’t have access to a Windows machine.

I doubt you’ll be able to purchase such modules from TuYa directly, and/or get the developer tools for them.

For modules that are based on Telink chips, there’s an alternative firmware available: GitHub - doctor64/tuyaZigbee: Replacement firmwares for TuYa zigbee devices
But it would mean salvaging those modules from cheap TuYa devices, and you won’t know which module they contain until you open them.

As an alternative, you could look into PTVO for TI CC Zigbee chips.

I need something with at least I2C support as many of the sensors I use have I2C or sometimes SPI interfaces.