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Deleted cards: anyone has this?

If I delete one of the action cards in the mobile app in the ‘then’ column and then save the flow and then reopen it, all cards from the ‘then’ column disappeared.
Occurs always and therefore easily reproduced. It’s extremely annoying because you are actually dependent on the desktop app to manage flows. (Which will disappear with Homey 2.0 by the way. Worst idea ever!!)

(I am on the Homey stable release 1.5.13, and on Android app

Just tested and not happening here with IOS app.

Issues are best reported here.

As Athom is not reading along in this forum it’s best to create an issue on given link.

Plz stick with 1 topic at the time. There is some other topics to whine about this.

of jou use the preview homey app then i did had that issue also…on the V2 App that issue is solves.

@Rocodamelshekima I filed an issue weeks ago already. Haven’t heard anything back after first confirmation that it was being investigated. Therefore I am curious if I am the only person who has this issue.

Where do I download this v2 app? @seiko
Nevermind. Found it in Google play.

Same behaviour here with the current beta (non v2) app.

After saving the first time, you get back 1 page and you have to do save again on that page, otherwise the flow is not changed.