Dead Homey 2019 Pro - damaged by over-voltage

From family member, I got Homey 2019 Pro, which has been damaged by over-voltage (9V but maybe 20V) due to the used Power-supply with PD functionality, connected over cheap measuring device, that caused over-voltage.
Visually there is no visible damage, maybe audio amplifier but not 100% sure.

When connected to power supply, Homey power consumption is only 0.3A and no LED - nothing is heating, including CPU nor mem.

Seems that modules like ZigBee, Z-Wave, etc. get’s 3.3V, LED gets 5V as well as audio amplifier…

There is console, RX/TX/GND, tried connecting it via CP2102 USB 2.0 to TTL UART Module but got nothing - not sure if anyone got some experience ?
Also, any other tip ? :wink:

first tip:
don’t connect your Homey to 9V, and definitely not to 12V or 20V. :stuck_out_tongue:

second tip:
the serial port is disabled on Homey Pro (2016-2019) as they didn’t want you to see the kernel (or anything else for that matter).

third tip:
the over voltage probably killed several parts (capacitors and/or resistors) causing shorts to ground.
good luck fixing it without having the circuit diagram though.

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Not me, as I mentioned

Such a pity, didn’t know about that, thank you

Actually all tested…no short circuit etc.

What is not accessible though is the board with CPU and RAM… previous version were mounted but this seems to be “glued” …so can’t measure it from bottom