Deactive flow only when contact alarm is on

Hi all

Another flow topic (again, to reduce the amount of flows). Say, I’m leaving my house, and I have a balcony door sensor. I hooked it up to an alarm but I only want it to activate when my door is closed when I leave. I sometimes leave it open when I go to let it vent (knowing I’ll return soon). I then don’t want to be notified my door is open every second.

Is there a way to do this? Or do I need to make two different flows, one for when I leave and teh alarm is on (enabling the alarm flow), and the same for when I leave and it off (disabling the alarm flow)?



hmm… depends on what you call “back soon”. If that timespan is unknown you will not get around to control the arming sort of by hand.
Otherwise you could go with something like “when leave event” delay arming for x minutes or something like that.
Also, maybe the Heimdall app would be of interrest regarding alarms and arming them.

Yeah, I’m testing heimdall now.
What I made is "when surveillance is set to armed > and contact alarm for balcony door is on > then disable balcony door sensor.

-> when surveillance mode is disarmed > then enable balcony contact alarm state.

I guess there isn’t one way to do it.

Would do general alarm setup for relevant sensors when “armed” and leave the balcony door unattended by Heimdall if you set Heimdall to “partially”. So you can have “half armed” and “full armed” mode with Heimdall.
Just a thought. Maybe it helps.