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Data from analog gasmeter 30 meters outside the house

Hi, I am looking for a solution for getting data from my analog gasmeter that’s outside of my house appr. 30 meters away. I have been around and nobody has a solution sofar.

I hope somebody can help me out.

Probably not the nicest way, or what you are looking for, but it will work:
Buy a youless, mount it to the analogue meter.
1 Run 30m of UTP cable to the house and connect it to a router
If you have power close to you ggasmeter you coukd also buy a wireless repeater with an ethernet connection.
Connect youless to the repeater by utp and link the repeater via wifi (if outside
30m should be possible p, would advice not use 5ghz wifi (smaller range)

thanks allot for your reply

Do they have something for measuring the gasmeter? I can only find it for electricity.

Do you have a smart-meter (P1)?

My electricitymeter is smart and inside my house, But the gasmeter is analog and outside the house.

You can use the device for electricity and gas. Just download the “gas” firmware onto it.
For analogue meter you use the red led in the device to detect the mirror on the analogie gas meter.

Just make sure 1st if your gas meter has a mirror!
If it does not have one there is no way to measure…