Dashboard / Tiles app for Homey V2

Is there an app for Homey Pro V2 that visiuals status in a tile dashboard in the Home screen?

Temperature inside / outside
Status Heimdall

The HomeyDash doen’t support the present software version of Homey.

Cannot say that u have to use the search button so.
But maybe check this link?

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Why not? What’s wrong with that?

Confusingly, there are two projects called HomeyDash:

  • the HomeyDash app in the app store, which isn’t compatible with the current Homey firmware (as you have found out)
  • a completely different project based on Homey.ink, which has also been called HomeyDash Homeydash.com, and which will work on the current Homey firmware. The link in @Rocodamelshekima’s comment will lead you to the setup instructions.

Thanks Robert,
Checked and it seems to work only with E-Readers. No IPad of IPhone

I would like to add Tiles to my Home screen on IPhone and IPad to easy see what’s happening at home.

Currently also going to garden watering system with 230V valves and switch stuff so like to see the moist in the grass ( garden no indoor grass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Any alternative?

No, just follow the instructions you got in the first reply. Granted, it’s a bit of a faff setting up but once you’re done it works well.


“ Also different themes are available like iPad and iPhone theme.”