Darksky Cloud Cover

Darksky is currently reporting 100% cloud coverage but the sky is almost blue with a stinging sun. Yesterday with similar weather conditions Darksky reported les then 5. Anybody who understands this?

ANd ofcourse you did check what the sourse says, the darksky website where the info comes from.

right :wink:

When i check my location on the website of darksky, it also says mostly cloudy. When looking outside moslty Sunny :grinning:

And the location is OK?

Exactly! The Website indicates almost completely covered from Eindhoven up to the north. I’ve check my location (Almere). Maybe Darksky is not that accurate as they advertise. If that is a fact, Darksky does not do the trick for me and I have to think about a different solution.

It is! Checked and double checked. The Darksky website is wrong too.

Indeed, so nothing the app can do about it.

No! The base information is not accurate!


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