Danalock v3 advanced setting "TWIST ASSIST" keeps reverting back to ON

Greetings to Everyone!
I’m having difficulty with Dnalaock V3 BT/ZigBEE, which I recently installed to replace Danalock V3 BT/zWAVE, which died after five years. I successfully paired DanalockV3 BT/ZigBEE to HOMEY PRO and then changed some flows associated with the old Danalock. Everything went smoothly. Until I discovered that TWIST ASSIST was always ON in the HOMEY environment (not the Danalock iOS application! ), I deleted the Homey app and reinstalled it, paired it again, and everything remains the same. TWIST ASSIST is constantly active. However, only under the HOMEY app.

Could someone please tell me what I’m doing incorrectly? Simply because TWIST ASSIST is a feature I don’t require and is causing a slew of unwanted issues, such as random opening and closing, etc…

All of your responses are greatly appreciated!
Maintain your health! Marian

Contacting the app developer would be a good idea.
In this case it is Athom:

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I’m having the same problem with my zwave version. Did you get it resolved? And If so, how?