Danalock Twist Assist feature removed

Title says it all. Why? That was the most useful feature for me when leaving the apartment just tapping the lock and it unlocks the door. How are we supposed to open it now? I don’t want to pull out my phone to unlock it or have a wireless button for it. At least let us still have it for homey automations…

Set it just via phone app, when connected via Bluetooth, that’s it. It will be saved and Twist helper will be still there…

update wait a minute - I don’t see it even in the Danalock (Beta) app, however Twist assist still works ???

Ou… End of support - Twist Assist · Danalock

So just some users are using it, so they have removed it. That’s clever :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

I noticed that it was missing in Danalock app a few days ago when I was recalibrating my lock, but Twist assist was still in Homeys Danalock app and then after it too got updated, it stopped working and disappeared from settings. I’ve emailed both Danalock support and Homey app dev.

Homey app dev said this:
Hi Alex,

Thank you for your email. The Twist assist feature has been discontinued and will no longer be supported in the upcoming firmware releases, which is why it has been removed from the Homey app. If you have further questions regarding this feature it is best to contact the generic Danalock support: I can only help you with Homey related issues.

Best regards,

Bob van de Vijver

And Danalock support said this:
Hi Alex,
Thank you for this feedback. Currently, there is no plan for the feature to return. But we will keep an eye out for feedback regarding this request.

Best Regards


We should all write to Danalock and complain about it. It is a very useful feature in my opinion. Now I had to set up a wireless button next to my door to open it, how stupid! Otherwise the only options to unlock it is to use aphone or twisting it like a regular lock :person_facepalming:
I can’t use geolocation or Bluetooth because of how specific my setup is. So frustrating.

I would maybe via APK install older version, enable it and keep it enabled. Luckily for me it’s still working.

Would that work? I think it’s firmware disabled.

But I’m on latest firmware version and it still does work for me, so could be worth trying…maybe they removed just the ZWAVE setting option ? (and hopefully if they will read this thread, they will not realize their mistake).

Can confirm that installing previous version 2.12.12 APK file worked. Twist assist is working again if setup using Bluetooth via Danalock app. That’s good at least, but still doesn’t change the fact that this is ridiculous.

God damnit! Was so annoyed when this feature was removed!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: no one using it…BS!!

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Thank you for your email. The Twist assist feature has been discontinued and will no longer be supported in the upcoming firmware releases, which is why it has been removed from the Homey app.

This change is found in the following app versions:

Danalock Classic App version 3.20.0 (for iOS) and version 2.13.0 (for Android).
In Danalock (New released app) version 0.17.0 (for iOS) and version 0.15.2 (for Android).
The change will also be in the following firmware versions:

Standard BT locks - Firmware 0.22.x and up.
HomeKit lock firmware 2.7.5 and up.

So who do not want it, also ensure you will not upgrade firmware.

I really do not understand why they did it…

Never got a straight answer from Danalock support, only this:

Dropping Twist assist support actually helped us solve an open issue with the app (which was actually blocked due to a Homey limitation), resulting in a higher reliability of the locked status.

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Interesting, I never had problem with this, but their support was always “specific”.
On Android, they still have two apps Danalock and Danalock Classic, the original one has rating 2.4 stars - why two apps, probably even they do not know.

Apple store rating has now dropped to 1.5 because of the removal of twist assist.
According to Danalock it is because of very low adoption of the feature. :frowning:

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Next functionality they will remove - (un)locking (because nobody used it…) :smiley:

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