Ideas/ways to unlock the main door

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Currently, I use danalock and unlock my main door using zwave or danalock app.

The danalock app has a geolocation function where it attempts to unlock the door if you are within proximity via bluetooth, but its not great - works like maybe 2 out of every 10 times or so.

What this means is every time I reach home, I have to pull out my phone to unlock it via the app or via homey app (z-wave) which creates a lag time as we stand outside the door to unlock it.

I am trying to implement a cleaner solution where the door unlocks as soon as I am at the main door. This can be achieved via a card reader (how do I do that if not zwave?) or something else. I know there is smart presence, but it doesnt work well for me because I stay in an apartment and the geolocation is not great to begin with - so i prefer a physical solution. Could be a smart card reader, thumbprint reader etc. Any sort of implementations you have or ideas you can share are much appreciated.

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An idea could be to use a bluetooth beacon (like tile or similar) with the Beacon app
I do have an old Tile and a cheap Chinese beacon which both works like a charm for presence detection.
For sure there are many other options…

Off topic, I am using the beacons just for presence detection as my door lock is Nuki. (bluetooth, too) Never misses a beat, the door unlocks every single time as the lock detects my phone :grinning:

thanks for this! how does this work? homey detects the bluetooth beacon?

Yes, indeed. Quite reliable and if you live in a flat that’s usually when you get close to your door. My own experiences is that the Tile Pro (2018) is detected when about 6-8m away from Homey.
From here you can make flows… to unlock your door.

BTY, regarding the Tile, peeps here in the forum report that Tile from 2019 does not work with the Beacon app.

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See my reaction of April 2019 on a related subject:

Works like a charm!


Thanks very much @G.P_Bruins. This is brilliant but I need some time to understand what is going on - my knowledge of electric circuit board is very poor. but thank you!!!

Hey. Have you found a way to achieve this? I have the same problem as you do, can’t use geofencing due to living in a flat and smart presence app is unreliable.

Hi @Sierra

At the moment, I use a variable to track if someone is at home or not based on a counter. This counter increases or decreases based on inputs from around the house such as motion sensor as well as if our devices are connected to the wifi.

If the counter is less than a number (which I deem as no one is at home), when my device gets connected to the wifi, it unlocks the door.

I had the same problem, just ended up buying the Danapad instead and it works great. Shame tho that it cannot be paired with Homey so i cannot use it to detect home/away mode.

Old topic but id like to share my solution.

The danalock app with geo isn’t working well. At least for me.

So here’s how I did it;

I use Bluetooth beacon and smart presence to see if someone left the building. If both are away then set the user to away.

Flow 1
IF motion detected by (hacked) aqara PIR
AND both bt and wifi are connected
AND person X is not at home
THEN open the lock

Flow 2
IF front door is opened (contact sensor)
AND wifi or BT is connected
THEN set person x as at home.

These flows open the door on a save manor (by both checking bt and wifi and motion. (my gf uses a tag, and I a beacon simulating app)

The person is only set as home when the door is opened. Ones the person is at home the door no longer opens till both bt and wifi are disconnected.

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