Danalock - Open and Close button

I have the Danalock app installed but I can only unlock when the door is locked OR lock when the door is unlocked.

Is it possible to have it like the Danalock app itself so you have the option to unlock (open the door) if it is already unlocked? I could create a virtual button I guess but it would nicer to see it build in the app.


Why unlock it when its allready unlocked?
Or is it unlocked and status to homey is locked?
Some report bug back to homey?

It‘s not a bug it’s a security Feature!
I didn’t know any Z-Wave Gataway than can do this! It’s only works with the Danalock App!

You can only use Virtual device to create a button to unlock the Danalock when pressing.

Reason is simple, yes the door is unlocked but if I walk away to put something in the dustbin outside I don’t lock the door. If I walk back I want to open the door that’s where the button is for. The door is unlocked but I want to open it. There is just a knob on the outside and it can be twisted.

That’s why I still use the Danalock app. It used to work on my Domoticz solution before I start using the Homey.

I see no real security issues in opening an unlocked door by pressing the open button. It is one of the main reasons it is in the Danalock app as well. The only ‘security’ issue I see is accidental pressing the open button while you are not at home but that could also happen in the current implementation. Pressing the unlock button while you are away and the door is locked.

I am already using a Virtual device and that is the workaround but would be a nice add on that’s all.

Hi, ,do you mean to move the latch (dagschoot) to open the (already) unlocked door?
I’m struggling with the same problem, did you find a workaround to fix it?

Workaround could be to create a flow.
If flow is started unlock the door.
This one works fine for me.

Yes, I did the same and added it to a virtual switch

Great, can you tell me how you did this?