Custom capabilities - rain in (inch)

I’ve been trying to make a Weather Display app for Homey, and i have no problem make it work with a few basic units,like temp, rain , wind etc…and for these i have used the measure_temperature, measure_rain etc capabilities that Homey provides. Since i am using mm for the default rain, i am trying to make a custom capability for in (inch). Tried measure_rain_in, didnt work, tried, didnt work or maybe i just dont know how to add a sub capability. Whatever i try, it just returns invalid capability. A little help pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated. Or if there is a more detailed guide regarding the Homey SDK

Hi Arnt,


Thanks Peter,

Might not have pointed out that i have limited knowlegde since i am totaly new when creating an app.

I have looked at that example several times, but i just cant figure out how to use it, because as soon as i dont use the ones provided by Homey:

Tutorial: Device Capabilities - Homey Apps SDK v3

i get stuck

I’m sorry this is all I know :grimacing:

You can check the source of other apps, to ‘cheat’ a bit and move forward.

F.e. search Repositories for ‘athom’

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If you have already created a device in Homey then you will need to add the capability using this.addCapability in your device init function, but first check if it already exists. Just adding it to the device json file is not enough for existing devices. Alternatively, delete the device and add it again.

Feel free to look at GitHub - AdyRock/com.misol for examples.


Thanks Adrian,

will have a look