Homey's built in weather function

I am using Homey’s built in weather function to advise when it gets cold outside and use that data in the future control heating, pre-heating levels and pond heating controls. The function gives local temp, humidity and pressure, but i am sure the service they use to provide this could provide more of the basic information like wind speed and direction, wind chill, rail fall and maybe even a 24 hr forecast.

Is this possible ?


You have to make a feature request to Athom for this. Otherwise you can try one of the weather apps from the app store…

This is a good one wich can do what you want I think:

Have made a feature request, and don’t see it being a big issue to enable.
Trying to keep the number of apps to a minimum and use Homey base fuctions to try and reduce load on the system, as i have not upgraded to the lastest unit yet… but that will happen.

And did you get allready a response from Athom? Or did you made the request just yet…

I’ll understand your point regarding the number of apps… But maybe it’s a good solution for the time being… You can try the app and check how many resources the app wil use. Maybe it’s not that much. And don’t forget, when features like this wil be implented by athom, it will also use some resources from homey. So, maybe not an app, but homey itself will use a bit more ram.

Have just made the request.
You are right, either way will use more memory / storage, but as Homey is already calling the weather the API exsits and probably only needs a few more lines of code to extract the extra data, i thought it might be easy / cheap to do.
Meanwhile i have started to use the OpenWeather app. It only uses 1.1MB of spaces so really nothing at all.

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Great! Let’s hope Athom will add it soon. And for now, nice that you have find a solution! :+1:

You could also try http request flow cards. With the use off this app you can call on different open api’s. A while ago i used the api from weeronline.nl with the json file you can get almost everything about the weather, but also use for other items.