Curtains in Apple Homekit

Hello everyone,
I’m a french user so sorry in advance for my language.
I’ve been a curtain in my house and I’d like to control him with Homekit app.
But, I can’t do it.
How can I do it ?
Any idéas ?
Thank you very much !

I assume the curtain isn’t a HomeKit enabled device?

You could use the app HomeyKit. It can expose devices to HomeKit, even though they are not supported. See it as some sort of Homebridge (if you happen to know that).
Be sure to only enable the devices you want to expose to HomeKit, otherwise you’ll end up with duplicates or devices you don’t want in HomeKit.

Add Homey as a device in HomeKit, enter the pairing code and voila.
If it doesn’t work, look up the name of those curtains on You always could setup a Homebridge on a Pi or a docker.
I am using both HomeKit and Homey because I want to be able to use Siri and glance information in the home app.

If you only want to control those curtains with Siri you could also make a shortcut on your phone and let Homey pick it up with a http request. That’s what I did with my electronic beds (which only have a Homey app) and aren’t supported in HomeKit at all.