Current usage of fibaro universal sensor

I connected a fibaro universal sensor with two temp sensors to homey.
I used a 9v block battery as supply, I assumed that on this battery the sensor could live quite a while.
But now after two days it looks like the battery is dead. So now I’m doubting on the current usage of the universal sensor.
Can’t find it on the internet. Does anybody have a clue? Or does someone else have the same experience?

The binary sensor is not a battery device neither is it designed to be one, it just has a pretty good voltage range.
As it isn’t a battery device, it will not sleep when it doesn’t have to do anything, this will drain the battery constantly, unlike normal battery devices, a 9V battery doesn’t have a big capacity either (pretty much the same as 1 AAA (triple A) battery), so it is just obvious that a battery will drain pretty quickly, it most likely can only run a few days on a 9V battery, no matter how low the current usage is, just a 100mA usage is about 8-10 days of run time, but it will most likely use about the double if not more.

Thanks for the answer, that confirms my suspicion. Have to connect a 12 v adapter to it then